Life, Meaning, and Melancholy

While camping with my daughter this week, we spent some of our time at a simple lakeside beach at one of Michigan’s recreation areas. The sandy swimming area was at the bottom of a beautiful green hillside. The hillside was dotted with large leafy trees that provided shady picnic areas to relax in. The lake

A Duck and the Bend in the River

Wendell was a duck like any other ordinary duck living among the ordinary reeds in an ordinary river. There was a large stone boulder to west that protected him from the cold winter winds and a large weeping willow tree to the east that provided him with comfortable shade on hot summer days. Life was

An Old Wooden Bucket and What It Contains

There once lived a man who carried a wooden bucket with him for most of his life. This bucket was filled with water—living water, he called it. While the weight of the bucket would tire out his arms and the handle would often cut into his hands, it was tolerable. He would ladle water from this

A Slow Canoe + Free Downloads

I want to do a better job at thinking my thoughts. Can you relate? Sometimes it feels like modern society pushes us across the surface of life’s water like one of those tremendously powerful speed boats. These boats can move from point A to point B with an incredible speed; but they often crash, produce a cacophonous roar, and