A Month of Haiku

A Month of Haiku

I haven’t kept up with writing a haiku everyday, but I try to do so as much as I can when inspiration strikes.

So here are the last few weeks worth of haikus. They are never about random topics but are always inspired by something specific that I experienced that day. This week, I decided to include a sentence explaining what inspired each haiku to provide some context.

Basil sweet basil
How your aroma lingers
Earth’s native perfume
(I prepared some basil leaves to dry in our dehydrator before going to work.)

Quite far from the sea
Yet I’m surrounded by blue
Cloudless summer sky
(While riding my bike to work, I was struck by the deep blue of the sky. I kept thinking about how I felt like the ocean was above me.)

Canopy of trees
Provides but little relief
Rainy bike commute
(It was raining this particular morning while riding my bike to work. The canopies of the mature trees lining the street felt like they were creating a tunnel—doing their best to shelter me from the rain. Of course I still got quite wet.)

Memories of joy
Built upon stones of laughter
Family fortress
(My daughter and I spent the day at a new park and we had so much fun. She enjoyed climbing upon some large boulders. Remembering her laughter and her climbing on the giant stones inspired this haiku.)

Clouds like seabed sand
Peaks and valleys gently formed
By the wavelike winds
(Like many of my haikus, this was also inspired while riding my bike to work. The sky was covered in rolling clouds as far as I could see. It instantly reminded me of the sand beneath the ocean waves.)

Run little chipmunk
The road is not safe for you
To the tree kingdom!
(While biking to work, I saw a chipmunk dart into the road, then back again to scurry up a nearby tree. There is so little I know about their life above in the trees.)

A surprising race
Garbage man raced me on foot
He lost, laughter won
(While biking to work, I came up on the garbage collectors. As I passed, one of the workers waited till I was right next to the truck and initiated a light-hearted race, sprinting next to me.)

Windless rain shower
Falls gently like a painting
As I move through it
(This morning as I rode to work, there was a light drizzle and I was intrigued with how the rain was falling straight down—not blown about by the wind. I felt like I entered into it, like one would enter into a forest.)

Garbage truck screeches
The birds song remains unfazed
City and nature
(I was riding to work enjoying the song of the birds when I heard a garbage truck come to a screeching halt—in stark contrast to the birds. I thought it was unpleasant but then noticed that the bird’s song never stopped. It didn’t mind. The contrast between the nature world and the development of our cities was in mind.)

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