The Song of the Golden Yellow Field

The Song of the Golden Yellow Field

In a rolling, golden yellow field there lived a group of fairies who spent their days singing the same rolling melody.

The soft wind ever blows
The warm sun ever shines
The leaves will always dance
In the golden yellow fields

No one knows exactly when the fairies started singing this song and no one had any reason to believe that they would ever stop. They sang the song in the morning. They sang this song in the afternoon. They sang the song in the evening. The tradition says that it was their fairy grandmother who began singing this song generations ago to the younger fairies. She taught them this song to help them appreciate the beauty of life in the golden yellow field.

However, as these things sometimes happen, the fairies forgot why they sang this tune. Not only did they forget why they sang the tune, they hardly even noticed the words that they were singing at all. When the little children fairies forgot to sing the song the mother and father fairies would scold them and make them sing the song. The children fairies would sing the words of the song in grumpy fairy voices. They would stomp their feet and exaggerate certain words to express their dissatisfaction.

The SOFT wind ever blows
The WARM sun ever SHINES
The leaves will always DANCE
In the GOLDEN YELLOW fields!

The parents would remember to sing the song, but they would just say the words as fast as they could to get them over with. They didn’t even sing the melody. They just thought that by just saying the words they would honor the spirit of their great fairy grandmother.

Now, there were animals that also lived near the golden yellow fields and they liked this song very much. They would sometimes try to join in. The only problem was that they couldn’t sing like the fairies could.

Sometimes the frogs would hop over to where the fairies were gathered and try to join in.

The SOFT wind ever-CROAK!
The warm sun ever-RIBBET!
The leaves will always-GUNG!

The fairies would stop singing and yell at the frogs.

“Those aren’t the words! You’re making the wrong sounds!”

The frogs felt bad. They didn’t intend to anger the fairies, but they just weren’t able to sing and shape the words in the same way the fairies could. These were the only sounds they knew how to make.

The foxes, too, loved to sing and would often prance over to where the fairies sang. They would try to join in and sing with the fairies.

The SOFT wind ever-YIP YIP!
The warm sun ever-HOWL!
The leaves will always-YIK YIK YIK!

“Oh what a dreadful sound!” The fairies would say to the foxes. “That is not at all how you sing our song. Please, please go away!”

The foxes felt sad because they were just singing with the only voices that they had. They weren’t able to sing in the same way the fairies could. They loved the wind, the warm sun, and the rustling leaves of the golden yellow fields. They, too, wanted to sing about them, but these were the only sounds they knew how to make.

Occasionally the brilliant red cardinals would come by to where the fairies would sing. Cardinals love to sing so they thought the fairies wouldn’t mind at all if they joined in.

The SOFT wind ever-PURDY PURDY!
The warm sun ever-TOOTLE TOOTLE!
The leaves will always-TWEET TWEET!

“Stop, stop, stop!” The fairies yelled. “That is not how the song goes! You are making an awful racket. Please go away.”

The cardinals, just like the frogs and the foxes, felt sad. They loved to sing, and these were the only sounds they knew how to make. They only wanted to sing alongside of the fairies and celebrate the beauty of the golden yellow fields with them.

That evening, after all the fairies fell asleep upon their toadstool beds, the spirit of their fairy grandmother appeared to them in a dream.

My dear little fairies. I taught you this song long, long ago to help you pay attention to the beauty of the golden yellow fields. We used to have so much fun singing it together. Now, I see that many of you don’t even like singing it any more. Most of you don’t even pay attention to the soft wind, the warm sun, or the dancing leaves. What happened? This song was never something that we had to do, it was something we did because the beauty around us prompted us to do so. Now I see children fairies stomping their feet and singing it. I see fairy parents simply reciting the words without even singing the melody. Worse yet, I see many of you singing the song from within the walls of your fairy houses! You cannot celebrate the soft wind, the warm sun, or the dancing leaves if you are cloistered away inside your homes. 

And most importantly dear fairies, listen carefully. Please understand that the animals in the forest have their own voice and their own song. It will be different from yours. Don’t shoo them away. Invite them to sing their own song alongside of you. Maybe together you can create something beautiful. 

With those final words, the spirit of fairy grandmother disappeared into the gentle winds of their dreamy landscape.

The next morning the fairies woke up and began talking to one another.

“Last night I had a dream about fairy grandmother!” Said one of the fairies.

“I did too!” Replied a few others.

“She told me that we lost the true meaning of our fairy song.”

“Oh my, I think I had the same dream too!”

Another fairy piped in, “She told me that we should listen to the songs of the animals instead of shooing them away.”

“Me too! Me too!” The fairies all murmured together as they realized they all had the same dream.

A silence came over the fairies as they felt ashamed that they had forgotten the real meaning of the song. They felt bad that they had not let others participate.

Just then, a tiny little child fairy stepped up onto her toadstool and suggested, “Perhaps we should go invite the frogs, foxes, cardinals, and other animals to the singing field and we could try to sing together?”

“Yes! Yes! Let’s go!” Everyone cried out together.

The fairies danced off into the golden yellow field. The soft wind fluttered across their fairy wings. The warm sun kissed their faces. The dancing leaves waved in the background. There was joy in their hearts.

“Frogs, frogs! Foxes, foxes! Cardinals, cardinals! Come to the singing field. We want you to sing with us! We are sorry that we shooed you away before!”

The frogs, foxes, and cardinals thought this was some sort of trick. The fairies had been so unkind to them before and they weren’t sure they could trust them. They noticed, however, that even the children fairies were beckoning for them to come. Surely the children fairies couldn’t be in on some sort of cruel trick. So the frogs hopped, the foxes trotted, and the cardinals fluttered over to the singing field.

“Dear friends. The spirit of our great fairy grandmother appeared to us in a dream last night and reminded us of the true purpose of the song that we sing. She also told us that you too have your own song. We are gathering here today to see if we can all sing together.”

The animals listened and nodded their heads curiously.

“That sounds great!” Croaked the frogs.

“I’d love to sing with everyone!” Yipped the foxes.

“I always have a song in my heart!” Cheered the cardinal.

“Well, why don’t each of you sing a bit and then we’ll see how everything fits together,” suggested one of the fairies.

The frogs went first. They all started singing in unison. Their deep throaty voices sounded like giant marching drums or an orchestral timpani.

“Croak-gung-croak-gung-croak-gung,” they sang rhythmically.

Next, it was the foxes’ turn.

“Yik-yik-yik-yik-yickety-yik!” They sang out loudly in their high pitched voices.

And then it was the cardinals’ turn, “Cheer-cheer-tootle-tweet-tweet!”

The fairies were amazed at the sounds these animals were making. They had never allowed them to sing before. Now that they took the time to listen, they thought their sounds were wonderful! If only they had listened to them before instead of shooing them away.

“Should we try it all together now?” Suggested one of the fairies.

“I’ll count us in,” said another fairy. “One. Two. THREE!”

The soft wind ever blows
The warm sun ever shines
The leaves will always dance
In the golden yellow fields

There was a brief silence after the song, and then EVERYONE burst out laughing. The frogs jumped up and down with excitement. The foxes romped and tumbled in joy. The cardinals fluttered in cheerful circles

“That was so fun!” Shouted one of the children fairies!

“It was hilarious!” Laughed fox.

“What a symphony we make!” Sang the cardinal.

“It was chaotic, but lovely! It was wild, but harmonious!” Called out one of the frogs.

It was a beautiful mess.

“Let’s do it again!” Everyone shouted in bursts.

They sang it over and over again. Even others came to join in! Porcupines, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, crickets, cicadas, rabbits, and all sorts of curious creatures came to add in their own parts. Soon, the entire golden yellow field was roaring with music and laughter.

Even still today, if you walk out to the middle of a golden yellow field and pay careful attention to the soft wind, the warm sun, and the dancing leaves, you’ll hear the same chorus being sung.

And you are always, always invited to add your own voice and sing along.

Photo by Lance Baker

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  • jellysculptress

    July 13, 2017 at 11:02 am Reply

    Love it, Lance! I have a noise aversion and once, when it was all too much, God said it would help if I remembered that everything was singing its own song – even the chainsaws and the nail guns and the screaming kids and the squeaky doors – each thing or person was participating in the only way it could. This is a great story, right up my street 🙂

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