I want to do a better job at listening to my life, paying attention to others, cultivating compassion, growing in mindfulness, and creating more space to think my thoughts.

I’ve spent most of my life as a quiet pilgrim—silently ruminating my thoughts, questions, and revelations as I journey through life. I want to do more to share and contribute to other’s journeys—the way so many others have done for me. I simply hope to be another companion to my fellow quiet pilgrims out there who are trying to ask deeper questions and see with increasing clarity.

May this be a space where we can learn from one another. I hope my musings will be of more use in a public space than if they simply remained inside of my head.

All photography used on this site is my own unless otherwise noted.

I’m also currently writing a post-by-post narrative of a cross-country road trip that some friends and I went on back in 2005. You can find those photos and stores here: Big Blue Goes West



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