Perceiving Some, But Not All

I don’t often consider what the ordinary world looks like to those with colorblindness. I take for granted the brilliant array of colors that pass through my retinas on a daily basis. The blue, pink, orange sticky notes on my desk. The green and yellow leaves hanging from the trees out the window. My seeing

An Old Wooden Bucket and What It Contains

There once lived a man who carried a wooden bucket with him for most of his life. This bucket was filled with water—living water, he called it. While the weight of the bucket would tire out his arms and the handle would often cut into his hands, it was tolerable. He would ladle water from this

A Slow Canoe + Free Downloads

I want to do a better job at thinking my thoughts. Can you relate? Sometimes it feels like modern society pushes us across the surface of life’s water like one of those tremendously powerful speed boats. These boats can move from point A to point B with an incredible speed; but they often crash, produce a cacophonous roar, and

Writing as Creating Information

I’ve been slowly reading through Mihály Csíkszentmihály’s book Flow in between other readings for the last few months. There are so many little niche things that I could expound up on, but for this post I wanted to share something specifically about the act of writing. In the chapter titled “The Flow of Thought” he writes: “If the

Playfulness and Childlike Wonder

As the father of a three-year old, I’m continually learning life lessons by simply observing the way my daughter interacts with the world. She notices things that I don’t, her imagination ignites in ways that I can’t anticipate, she dances to music with freedom and innocence that I seem to have lost, and her silliness

Sadness and the Human Experience

I’ve noticed in myself a tendency toward avoidance and fear of difficult and painful things—not so much in experience, but more in philosophical thought and reflection. You might be thinking this is an obvious and reasonable response (I agree to a certain extent) but I think my fear and avoidance of such things is partially rooted in