Perceiving Some, But Not All

I don’t often consider what the ordinary world looks like to those with colorblindness. I take for granted the brilliant array of colors that pass through my retinas on a daily basis. The blue, pink, orange sticky notes on my desk. The green and yellow leaves hanging from the trees out the window. My seeing

A Duck and the Bend in the River

Wendell was a duck like any other ordinary duck living among the ordinary reeds in an ordinary river. There was a large stone boulder to west that protected him from the cold winter winds and a large weeping willow tree to the east that provided him with comfortable shade on hot summer days. Life was

An Old Wooden Bucket and What It Contains

There once lived a man who carried a wooden bucket with him for most of his life. This bucket was filled with water—living water, he called it. While the weight of the bucket would tire out his arms and the handle would often cut into his hands, it was tolerable. He would ladle water from this

Is Mystery More Important Than Knowledge?

J.J. Abrams talks about a mystery magic box that his grandfather bought for him as a child from a magic shop. The box is covered in question marks. It’s contents unknown—likely some assortment of tricks, gadgets, and gizmos. Decades later, his mystery box remains unopened. As a writer and producer, Abrams draws inspiration from this

On the Complexity of Sin and Human Action

You might be familiar with the classic scene from Winnie the Pooh where Pooh gets stuck halfway through the window in Rabbit’s house. It occurred to me recently that this is a great depiction of how many of us find ourselves in the world. From the exterior of Rabbit’s house, Pooh appears fine for the

“Being In” the Suffering

Rather than just reflecting on the theological and philosophical discourses that carefully dance around suffering, Wendy Farley has been of great assistance in helping me to think about suffering as it is—as part of the human experience. Farley draws upon the language of traditional folk songs to exemplify ways of simply “being in the suffering”